Burrito Studio

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Burrito Studio

Burrito Studio is an independent video game studio located in downtown Montreal. In 2014, three friends and avid video game players decided to follow their passion and create the kind of strategy game they wanted to play. Burrito Studio was born.

The team[edit | edit source]

  • Alexandre Borgia (BurritoAl) – Co-founder and lead programmer
  • Jonathan Ortega (BurritoJo) – Co-founder and game designer
  • Maude D'Amboise-Courcelles (BurritoMo) – Co-founder and character/UI design
  • Jean-Loic Fontaine (BurritoLo) – 2D animation artist
  • Francois Coutu (BurritoFrank) – 2D animation artist
  • Simon Maltais (BurritoSim) - Story

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