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There are three key resources which players need to balance and keep in positive status in order to feed the heroes, recruit more troops, craft items and use special actions. These resources are food, scraps, and leadership points. They can be earned by conquest, by organizing the sectors liberated, or through exploration events. Players must be very careful with their management, because they can mean victory or downfall.

Food[edit | edit source]

Apart from feeding the people, food is used as medicine. Academics will use food resources to prepare potions and ointments that will heal characters injured in battle.

Scraps[edit | edit source]

Scraps are used by mechanics in crafting items from guns to banners and consumable items. Scraps can also be consumed by the Overseer and Bombardment special actions.

Leadership points[edit | edit source]

Because of the war, citizens in a sector are hiding and cannot generate any resources. Assigning a leader to organize a sector will put the sector and its inhabitant back on their feet and after a few turns they will start producing resources as long as it stays protected from the enemy. The amount of leadership points needed to Organize a sector is always dependant on the amount of resources to be had.

Leadership points can be used to recruit new troops to help in the resistance. They can also be used on a strategic action like Militia to use the might of the people to thin out the enemy ranks.